Things I Made That I Love

An annotated list of the raddest recipes in my repertoire (click on recipe titles to get to the links).  It’s inspired by Autostraddle’s Things I Read That I Love, which was inspired by Emily Gould’s Things I Ate That I Love.  Originality is dead.  

Bon Appetit’s Cinnamon Date Buns
A complicated recipe, but so hecking good.

Banana Crumb Muffins
My go-to baked good. Two Pro tips: 1) To ripen bananas in a hurry, pop them in the freezer a few hours+thaw. 2) Swap the canola oil for coconut oil.

Pioneer Woman’s French Toast Bake
A co-op favorite. I make it with stale challah. I’ve done versions with rice milk and/or flax eggs + it always comes out a treat.

1-Hour Bread
The fastest homemade bread! I substitute maple syrup for honey because the syrup pours easier.

Sierra’s White Bread
Another co-op fave. Holds together well enough for sandwiches, tasty enough to eat on its own.

Bread Babe’s Chocolate + Matcha Milk Bread
Love Bread Babe. Love matcha. Love this fluffy milk bread.

Artisan Dinner Rolls
I have no idea what makes these “artisan” but they are Good. As. Heck. Also a no-knead recipe! Rad!