Brioche Buns+ Banana Blueberry Muffins

Things I Did During Break Week 

  • Went to the gym for the first time since beginning my grad program
  • Rock climbed for the first time since high school
  • Registered for a half marathon
  • Picnicked and explored at the beach
  • Trellised the peas in my container garden
  • Caught up on letters, e-mails and phone calls
  • Visited a science museum
  • Hosted a brunch
  • Attended an impromptu pizza gathering and a pool party
  • Thrifted a v teacher-esque outfit (including a Banana Republic sweater; I’m fancy now).

Which is to say, I didn’t invent or improvise any new recipes this week. But I did take advantage of my student teaching-free mornings to test out two baked goods: brioche buns and banana blueberry muffins.

Both are unquestionably Things I Made That I Love; they are really hecking good and got rave reviews from the friends with whom I shared them.

The brioche buns came about because I was wandering the aisles of TJ’s, trying to decide how to maximize enjoyment from meals I wouldn’t have to pack to school.  I was inspired by prosciutto to make fancy sandwiches, and grabbed some gorgeous brioche buns from a shelf.  Then I realized I had both the ingredients and the time (!!) to make them myself.

Be warned: the recipe calls for two 1-2 hour rises.  Yet it also makes 8 buns, so if you bake on Sunday, you can eat an A+ sandwich every day of the week and still have a bun left for sharing/showing off purposes.

The blueberry banana muffins were born today, when I realized a brunch guest left me with a bunch of bananas rapidly ripening on my kitchen counter.  The recipe calls for “sugaring” the pan (coating it with butter and sugar), so you know it’s gonna be fab.  Also I got to cream some butter, a process which I love.  Though I was devoted to this banana muffin recipe for about a year and a half, I just might have a new favorite.

MEGA MUFFIN (because I only have one muffin tin and I was short on time).

All in all, it was a yummy and relaxing week.  Now I’m well-rested and jazzed to get back to the classroom.  I find out where I’m placed for fall on Wednesday, so cross your fingers for me!



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